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What is causing so many men to be angry these days? Some say it's a lack of a strong male role models, others blame the educational system. My guest, Martin Brossman, says the time has come for the President to form a White House Council for Boys and Men. What do you think?


Social entrepreneur and philanthropist Darryl Lester explains how easy it is to become a philanthropist in the 21st century.



Grace Thompson and Diana Needham are reinventing themselves at midlife. Find out what they're doing and how they did it in this podcast.


Author Caroline Sutherland says her husband used Facebook to destroy their marriage but she had the LAST SAY in the end.


Maxine Phillips, President and CEO of GAMMS Unlimited in Raleigh, NC talks about how her company taps into the talents of children to help them accomplish their life and career goals


Media Trainer Beverly Mahone gives tips on what you should NOT do during a media interview


Media Trainer Beverly Mahone shares a tip on one of the things you should never do during a media interview.


Media Trainer Beverly Mahone shares a tip on one of the most important things you should do during a media interview.


Media Trainer Beverly Mahone shares a tip on one of the things you shouldn't do during a media interview.


Author and fitness trainer Leon "The Encourager" Bullard shares tips on how you can become your best YOU in the second half of your journey.


Tips for people who don't want to retire at the traditional retirement age.


Career Coach Laura Schlafly discusses trends for baby boomers and retirement


Career Coach Laura Schlafly talks about some of the trends for Boomers as they face retirement. Host: Beverly Mahone. Show: The Boomer Beat


Attorney Natalie Jackson is one of the attorneys representing the Trayvon Martin family. She was interviewed by radio host Beverly Mahone--providing the latest details surrounding the case.


How have the OJays managed to stay popular and sell-out concerts for more than 50 years? Talk Show Host Beverly Mahone chats with one of the founding members, Walter Williams Sr, about their success as well as his thoughts on the passing of Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston.


Talk Show Host Beverly Mahone sits down for a chat with comedienne-tirned-actress Kim Coles to find ot what she's been up to since her hit TV show Living Single went off the air.

Meet the woman called a “financial crusader” by Suze Orman.

Janet Auty-Carlisle is teaching women to uncover their passions and turn them into profits is what she does for a living with her Living la Vida Fearless Coaching Services.

Janet will share her remarkable journey—which includes, childhood sexual abuse, being misdiagnosed with an illness and the tragic death of her best friend. Janet says, “If I can survive these things that life has thrown at me so can anybody else. I am not special but I do realize that it is my choice to live how I want to live. I choose authenticity."

Boomer Beat Radio Host Beverly Mahone sits down for a one-on-one with MJ Forbes, author of the newly released book, Peaces of Me: A Book of Lessons. Hear how this young woman is using her own trials and tribulations to empower others.

Jerry Mathers, who played "The Beaver" on the longest running TV show in history sits down for a chat with radio host Beverly Mahone on her show, The Boomer Beat.

Enjoy this interview with daytime television actor John Aniston. Aniston plays the character Victor Kiriakis on the NBC Soap Opera Days of Our Lives. He is also the father of actress Jennifer Aniston. Plus there's some great OLD SCHOOL music!

UPSCALE magazine named him one of the “Top 50 power brokers in Black America”. Black Enterprise Magazine called him “Black America’s #1 Networker” Hear what George C. Fraser has to say about what blacks need to do to establish a firm foundation in the world of entrepreneurship.

I invite you to tune into my program, Whatever! to listen to a phenomenal interview with a phenomenal woman---renowned poet and author, Ms. Nikki Giovanni.

She talks her bout with cancer and her long journey back to recovery. She also brings us up to date on what she's doing these days.